Nicer Dicer guide

Chopping an onion is what really brings on the tears in the kitchen, not just since it can be tricky, but because the vegetable’s profuse fumes (or rather the chemical that turns into a sulfur-containing gas) make our eyes water.

To make curries of multiple flavour, users need to cut vegetables as well as fruits at more than one number of styles. THE BRAND NEW genius nicer dicer can help users, to achieve it however you like and in a wholesome manner.

How it works:

The genius nicer dicer is very compact which is available with various kinds of accessories. Simply by changing these accessories users can make their own meals in the way they want to view it. The razor-sharp and high-quality blades in it adds the convenience of the users. Simply by caressing the items to be chopped up on the dicer, users can make excellent and tasty food items.

All New Much better Nicer Dicer is a superb kitchen tool that will certainly reduce the cooking time considerably as it pertains to preparation of meal or lowering the salad or making great appetizers.It really is a kitchen helper, who’ll shorten the baking time from start of preparation to the portion of the meals tremendously.Food must be chop into cubes,sticks,strips,quarters or eighths-the costs not only time but you need many kitchen tools (knives,bowls,reducing planks,etc.) that cannot always accessible and a great deal of space for storage in your kitchen to complete.Nicer Dicer with the is no longer a problem-you have everything in a single handy collection! Simple and space saving as it gets.Benefits include easy & useful utilization for every meal,small,counter-top size,professional and regular results each time, saves you time and money, safe for kids tool,safe To Use,easy clean up dishwasher safe, food keeps cleaner and fresh.

The Nicer Dicer Easily Slices, Chops, Dices, Wedges, Cubes & Julliettes
Create Mouth-Watering Stirfries & Salads With Ease.
Bring A Healthy Freshness To Your Dishes & Mealtimes!
Includes 7 Different Accessories.
Cut Through Veggies In Seconds Flat!
Chop Straight Into A Bowl Or Directly Into Your Pan.
No Need For Knives Or Chopping Boards
Includes A Specially Designed Container Complete With Lid
Easy To Maintain & Clean.
RRP £20 Plus P&P
Kitchen Heroes Offer The Nicer Dicer For Only £8.99 Plus P&P!